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Well, hello there!

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Upcoming Gig

How the heck are ya? What have you been up to? How’s the family? How’s the job? Your golf game?

In a nutshell everything is good by me. I decided I didn’t want to be out on the road anymore, so I settled down and have been living a mostly usual life. I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cars, 2 husbands-HA just kidding (I have only one of those but he’s pretty great). I continued to write songs for a while, there are a bunch that were never released but maybe one of these days I’ll get motivated and just put them up on CDbaby or something. I’ve been playing a ton of tennis (I’m a little obsessed), I’m a Muber 'mom uber', and I tried my hand at writing a musical (writing a musical is a huge commitment and I wasn’t in love). I’ve been volunteering for the Trevor Project (it’s a great org that you can donate to).  I started writing a TV pilot this year…it is challenging and super fun…who knows maybe it will be my next career. I know the last update I made to my site was 20 years ago when I wished everyone a Happy New Year, apologized because I hadn’t updated my site in a few years, and promised that updates would come.


Honestly, up until now I haven’t had any real updates, however, believe it or not I am performing at The Bitter End on October 19th – What made me decide to do this? My dear friend Edie Carey texted and asked. I originally laughed at the thought (my site isn’t the only thing that hasn’t performed in 20 years). But then a very wise friend said, “Sometimes it’s good to rekindle things about yourself.” It struck a metaphorical chord, and I decided what the heck and accepted.  The super fun part is my kid (Eli Golden) is performing right before me. Between you me and the internet there is a part of me that would prefer he was more interested in becoming a doctor than an actor/musician but that’s not the case. He loves performing and (I know I’m his mother) he’s pretty darn good.


Well-It could be 20 years before I update this site again but I’m older and wiser now…I’m not going to make any promises I cannot keep. It was great catching up;)



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